Educating the Public on a Revolutionary New Approach to Recycling

Project overview

In a world where only 10% of plastics produced annually are recycled, new solutions are needed. 10to90 is a new initiative that aims to bring the global recycling rate up to 90% through innovative “Advanced Recycling'' methods.

Parent company Cyclyx contacted Shields SGF to build a public-facing program site that reflected their brand as well as the new 10to90 logo. This site would ideally inform the public on their recycling options and serve as an important advocacy platform when the program expanded beyond their initial trial period.

Cyclyx also asked Shields to develop a 10to90 app that would assist participants through the recycling dropoff process.

10to90 banner image


Shields developed the new 10to90 site to catch the public’s eye with bright colors and friendly graphics, leading participants through the vital program information. Important messages - “How to participate” and “Why you should participate” are reinforced throughout thanks to a marriage of copy, graphics, charts and images. The design reflects Cyclyx’s brand through shapes and color, visually connecting the two as primary and sub-brands.

Similarly, the 10to90 app carries this look and feel throughout. It also includes important functionality like helping users find the nearest drop-off location, scheduling drop-offs in advance and tracking their recycling history and progress.


With the website and app completed, 10to90 has begun their first trial of their Advanced Recycling program in Houston, TX, collecting plastic from consumers through their “Bag it & Bring it” initiative.

The site successfully functions as an important tool for explaining the process and program requirements. It also showcases 10to90 to other communities who may choose to participate in the future.

Likewise, the 10to90 app makes donating easier and even fun! Users can earn badges when they hit recycling milestones, increasing their likelihood to continue participating in the program.

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