MassWildlife: Fishing Campaign

Spreading the Word about Recreational Fishing on Social Media.

Project overview

MassWildlife is the Massachusetts agency that manages wildlife and habitat across the state, for the benefit of the environment as well as recreational use.

Ahead of the 2020 fishing season, MassWildlife chose Shields SGF as their partner to lead their annual digital fishing advertising campaign. This campaign sought to encourage fishing participation, fishing awareness, promote the sale of fishing licenses and drive traffic to the MassWildlife and Mass-Fish-Hunt websites.

MassWildlife: Fishing Campaign banner image


Utilizing a two-pronged strategy of both Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads, Shields SGF worked closely with MassWildlife to fine-tune messaging and create captivating creative material.

We targeted audiences with outdoor interests to make them aware of the benefits of recreational fishing in Massachusetts. We also sought out users who already demonstrated an interest in fishing, encouraging them to purchase a license or to visit the Mass-Fish-Hunt website to learn more.


This campaign ran over the course of Spring and Summer 2020, which was a turbulent time for most. Perhaps that is why the public was so enthusiastic for a reason to get out on the water!

MA residents responded well to the suggestion to go fishing. Some key success metrics we tracked included 189,710 link clicks to Mass-Fish-Hunt. These translated into 55,953 fishing license direct transactions with a combined value of $1,373,262.

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