Division of Ecological Restoration (DER)

Educating Municipalities on Culvert Restoration in their Communities

Project overview

The Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration restores and protects rivers, wetlands and watersheds in Massachusetts by partnering with nonprofits, towns and local groups.

DER turned to Shields SGF for help in producing materials for their “Culvert Replacement Toolkit”, which provides resources to municipalities and other groups looking to restore streamflow in their communities. This toolkit would not only include documents and a web component, but also an extensive video series explaining the mission, the benefits and the necessary considerations for culvert replacement.

Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) banner image


After a necessary pre-production phase narrowing the scope and forming the script, Shields SGF collaborated with our video partner Eyeglue on an extensive video shoot to gather footage for the video series. Eight different shoot days across the state over the course of several months yielded over 10 hours of footage. Shields then edited the footage into four final videos covering the key points for the Toolkit.


DER’s Culvert Replacement Toolkit is now live and is helping educate towns and cities across Massachusetts on environmental restoration. The video series gives a valuable look at the faces behind the program and allows them to explain the culvert replacement project in simple, accessible language. The video series even captured a unique case study in action, documenting the process of a Dam removal in Pepperell from beginning to end!

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