TVolk & Co Consulting

Showcasing the Capabilities and Expertise of a Boutique Wealth Management Agency

Project overview

Tim Volk, head of TVolk & Co Consulting, has made a career out of advising families and advisors on strategic and financial planning, including wealth management, inheritance, and estate planning.

Ahead of a new podcast launch, TVolk & Co reached out to Shields SGF for a refreshed website and web presence. Goals for the project included building off the new logo and brand, an emphasis on speaking to a diverse audience and a refined look and feel that would entice their target market.

TVolk & Co Consulting banner image


Shields SGF knew from the start that this site would need to have a refined and classic look. White space is used throughout to balance out select pops of color. A limited, but bright palette could be arranged to both compliment the logo and also reference the LGBTQ+ community that TVolk specifically wanted to reach. We paired a bold serif typeface and a clean sans-serif body copy typeface for a refined look.

The site was organized into a handful of informative pages. This included a “Case Studies” page that highlighted TVolk’s successes and a special “About” page that communicated Tim’s colorful life experiences and interests.


TVolk & Co’s podcast now has a striking and classic site to link back to. Potential clients can now connect to Tim’s experiences, read about his services, and learn about his successes.

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