Fit Money

Presenting Financial Literacy Education for K-12 Students

Project overview

Fit Money is a non-profit organization focused on providing financial literacy programs and curriculum materials to K-12 educators. A recipient of the Cummings $30 Million Grant program, fit money strives to instill healthy financial practices in students before unwise habits form.

Shields was contacted to build the FitMoney Certificate program, a tool that allows teachers and group leaders to introduce financial literacy to their students or groups.

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Shields SGF worked with Fit Money to understand student and educators’ needs and built the Certificate program to match. Students are walked through 6 different modules with 2-4 videos and quizzes on the material presented. At the end, students are given a full course assessment after which allows them to test their knowledge and earn their certificate. Teachers can download reports on their students’ progress and gauge how well they are learning.


According to Fit Money, over 1,000 students nationwide have become FinanciallyFit certified. The program is offered in both English and Spanish with High school and Elementary school level options. Thanks to FitMoney’s Certificate program, more students every day are learning about how to make important choices about their financial futures.

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