Greater Merrimack Valley

Promoting all there is to see and do in Massachusetts’ northern region

Project overview

One of Massachuetts’ most exciting regions is Merrimack Valley. Visitors nationwide travel to this region for its unique history, arts, food, outdoor recreation and more. The Greater Merrimack Convention and Visitors Bureau is the organization tasked with promoting tourism and getting the word out about local attractions, events, and accommodations.

GMCVB contacted Shields SGF for help with expanding their capabilities past their at the time one-person operation. Shields was excited to partner with GMVCB and help develop Marketing and Creative Plans for print and digital media.

Greater Merrimack Valley banner image


Shields SGF reached out to publications targeting specific markets to create an advertising plan and schedule. Some publications had existing relationships with Merrimack Valley, while others were identified as new opportunities to explore.

Working with the Director, we created the design and messaging for a new ad series. We also evolved as the primary contact for maintaining these GMCVB ad schedules with the respective publishers.

GMCVB was impressed with our responsiveness, and our experience with the Tourism industry. This program grew into a trusting, very active partnership. Today’s activities include providing marketing plans and activities, and internal communications for Bureau members. We produce print and digital advertising with engaging content targeting social media and other online hubs. We also regularly develop collateral, displays for trade shows and for local events in the Valley.


The strong partnership between GMCVB and Shields SGF has produced remarkable results. By promoting the unique experiences, landmarks, and attractions our destination has to offer, we have successfully attracted more tourists from both domestic and international markets.

The increased number of visitors to Merrimack Valley supports local businesses, from the retail sector to the hospitality industry and beyond.

It has also led to growth in memberships and visitors to the GMCVB’s online platform. This not only boosts overall visibility, it also enhances opportunities for revenue generation and community engagement.

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