Greening the Gateway Cities (DCR)

Creating program outreach to help plant trees across Massachusetts

Project overview

Greening the Gateway Cities is a Massachusetts environmental justice program created with the goal of planting free trees on private, public and commercial property across the state. A collaboration between several state environmental agencies, GGCP aims to reduce household heating and cooling energy use by increasing tree canopy cover.

GGCP has the unique challenge of trying to reach homeowners and residents in narrowly defined “planting zones” to inform them of their program eligibility.

Greening the Gateway Cities (DCR) banner image


Our partnership with GGCP began with an initial branding revamp unifying all the disparate city crews under one new look and feel. SSGF has since created outreach materials across print, digital, video, web, social media formats and more.

From a homeowner interview video series, to print outreach material translated into 10+ languages, Shields SGF has been able to develop unique and eye-catching pieces for GGCP.


In 2021 GGCP surpassed their initial goal of planting 30,000 trees across the state. The program is still growing, operating in 22 cities and expanding steadily to more. Program outreach continues to be developed for each year’s spring and fall planting season!

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