EG America

Designing nationwide print and digital materials for Cumberland Farms and other regional convenience stores

Project overview

Cumberland Farms is a familiar brand to most in New England, however, parent company EG America operates nationwide across 10 banners in 31 states! Certified Oil, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug, Minit Mart, Quik Stop, Sprint, Tom Thumb, and Turkey Hill all also fall under their umbrella of stores.

EG America’s 1700 convenience stores need regular promotional campaigns with visuals and slogans adapted to a whole suite of brands, applications and locations. In 2022, EG America reached out to collaborate on a fresh look for their POP materials.

EG America banner image


EG America sought a fresh look and were open to many colorful options. These designs would be displayed at many stores, therefore the theme could be self-contained with few brand elements limiting the design.

A key component to all the designs was their adaptability - each campaign had to transition seamlessly between window posters, pump toppers, door signs, billboards, bollards and more.


These bright and vibrant designs inspired a number of successive promotional campaigns, which caught customer’s eyes across the country. EG America continues to work with Shields SGF to develop marketing materials for seasonal promotions. We’re happy to help adapt colorful campaigns across many different mediums, platforms and pieces!

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